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Road Protection

DA 965 | Ultraflex Post

  • Superior durability for lower maintenance Bright Color and
    high quality reflective for greater visibility, Day and Night

  • A single pin for easy installation Can be glued or bolted
    Unaffected by outdoor temperature variations

  • Can with stand impact in excess of 100 Kph Made from
    PU (Poly Urethane) Pole Size: 77mm Dia x 900mm Height

  • Base : 170mm Dia Weight 1350 Grams

DA954 | Spring Post

  • Made of special Pliant material, it can quickly restore to
    its original state without damaging the vehicle and itself
    in case of a high-speed collision

  • Highly reflective heat transfer sheet is pasted on specially
    designed grooves, make it highly visible from distance at
    night or in bad weather

  • Its tensile strength and UV stabilizers enables it withstand
    the harshest of weather conditions. It is easy to install with
    a epoxy and other strong adhesives without damage to
    roads or bridges

  • Pole Size : 80mm Dia x 710mm Height Base : 200mm Dia
    Weight 1800 Grams

DA814 | Traffic Cones

  • Provided with In built heavy rubber base at the bottom
    these cones remain intact in heavy wind pressure

  • Height : 950 MM Improved Designed Heavy Base
    Base Size : 395 x 395 mm

  • Weight (Gms.) (Approx.) : 5000 Use With Other Accessories
    Like Light Bar, Reflector, Message Plate

DA802 | Traffic Cones

  • Provided with In built heavy rubber base at the bottom
    these cones remain intact in heavy wind pressure

  • Height 750 mm Weight 4300 gms (Approx)Improved
    Designed & Heavy Base

  • Use With Other Accessories Like Light Bar, Reflector
    Message Plate

Barrical Tap

  • Barricade tapes is made from LDPE

  • Barricade Tap Tube form with both side printing

  • Color : Red & White Available in 250 mtr & 500 mtr Roll

DA1005 | Speed Bump

  • The pre-colored material (Black/Yellow) and UV stabilizers
    keep them perpetually colorful, Studded with reflectors on
    either side, they are clearly visible to the motorists
    during night hours

  • These bumps are ideal for private colonies, hospitals
    schools, colleges, universities, security check posts
    parking areas, loading sites, etc

  • Size : L 500 x W 250 (mm) Speed Bump 50mm Height

  • Available 75 mm Height also

Rubber Speed Bump

  • Speed Bump made of Rubber

  • It is very compact and has high resistance
    capacity to withstand severe impacts

  • The pre-coloured UV stabilized material (black & yellow)
    provides it permanent color

  • Size : L 500 x W 500 (mm) Height 50mm Available
    75 mm Height also

DA817 | Traffic Barricades

  • Portable plastic traffic barricades are more effective
    safe and stable than drums, posts, cones and other
    types of temporary barricades

  • High visibility alerts drivers to safety hazards ahead
    It can align in straight lines or in curves.
  • Height : 750mm Base Size : 500 x 300 mm

  • Lane delineation, diversion of traffic etc
    Parking lots Toll booths

Wheel Stopper

  • Car Stopper helps ensure vehicle stop at the proper location
    while parking - preventing damage to buildings, sidewalks,curbs
    and delicate landscape. Ideal for retail / commercial / business
    parking lots, parking garages and municipalities

  • Dimensions : 500 mm x 125 mm x 160 mm

Column Guard

  • Supply of column guard made out of rubber material
    8 mm thick, with yellow reflective tape

  • Available in Size: 800 mm, 900 mm, 1000 & 1200 mm

Convex Mirror

  • 130 degree of viewing angle For internal and external purposes

  • Light weight and secure fixing Made of one piece polycarbonate
    convex lens which is damage resistant

  • Brim and back holding plate is FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
    Polycarbonate Convex and Concave Mirrors are 200 times stronger
    than glass

  • Not affected by any type of light ray. Will not produce toxic
    fumes if burnt Ideal for areas prone to vandalism

DA 113 | Solar Road Studs Transparent

  • Construction : Unbreakable Poly carbonate shell & clear facings
    designed for maintenance free operation

  • 100% water proof design confirms to IP67 Dimension: 125 x 125 x 25mm
    with Dual Shank of 65 mm

  • High Efficiency mono -crystalline Solar panel 3 V / 120 mA One
    Ni-Mh LSD rechargeable battery (1.2V/800 mA) high temperature

  • Six Super bright LEDs with 14,000 mcd. View distance: Up to 1000m
    Flash rate: 2Hz or according to customers requirements

  • Bearable weight: 20 Tons. Color: Red, Amber, Blue, Green and White
    Working time: 36 to 40 hours successively after the battery is
    fully charged

  • The electronic circuit is encapsulated with the battery in the body
    of the Solar Stud. A non-invasive switch (optional) to avoid battery
    drainage during storage and transportation & the product is approved
    by IIT, Delhi

  • Charging time: five to six hours/day. Working temperature: - 40 - 75C
    Lifetime: Three to five years

  • Easy installation, no maintenance Brightness sensitive auto -switch
    automatically turns on at night and turns off at dawn

DA110 (DHRUV) | Solar Studs

  • These solar - powered environment friendly, LED based Intelligent Road
    Studs are specifically used to improve safety, reducing accidents
    on the road by providing information to drivers about the
    road ahead directly in their natural field of vision

  • Product Specifications: Construction : Aluminum-alloy shell
    100% water proof design according to Ip65

  • Dimension: 125mm x 125mm x 25mm (shank 60mm) High Efficiency
    Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel 2.4 V / 0.3 Watt

  • One Ni-Mh or NI-cd Rechargeable Battery (1.2V / 1600 MA).Six Super
    Bright LEDs with 10,000 to 18,000 mcd (Millicandela). View Distance:
    upto 1000 meters. Flash Rate: 2Hz or according to customers

  • Bearable Weight: 10 Tons approx Color: yellow, red, blue, green
    or white. Working Time: 3 to 4 days after fully charged battery

  • Charging Time: 5 to 6 hours from direct sun light. Working Temp: 10o ~ 75o C
    Life Span : three to five years

  • Easy installation, no maintenance Unbreakable poly carbonate clear
    facing designed for maintenance free operation

DA1007 | Road Stud

  • Better traffic control by making lanes.Convenient for the
    driver as it is very effective eye guide during night hours
    due to its high reflectivity

  • Provides clear vision of sharp edges, humps and other hazards
    on the road well in advance

  • Applications: Center Lane Marking Edge Lane Marking Diversion
    of the Roads Pedestrian Zebra Crossings

  • Parking Zones Speed Breakers Road Signal Junctions

DA51 | Road Stud

  • Two way / one way reflective

  • Dimension: 100 x 100 x 26mm Plastic body
    Reflective Panel - Amber,Red or White

DA971 P | Road Stud

  • Two way reflective

  • Dimension: 110 x 128 x 29.5mm Aluminum
    Alloy body Reflective panel - Amber, Red or White

DA105 | Road Lamp

  • Reflector lense is made of PMMA, bottom & top cover
    is made of PP material. Weight of road lamp is 760 gms
    (without battery)

  • Security key is provided to switch on / off, blink or
    steady the flash lamp. It is also use to install\uninstall
    the road lamp on any type of construction site,hence making
    it vandalism proof

  • Road Lamps are widely used road safety devices. It services
    caution signals to the motorists and pedestrians to avoid
    accidents during road construction, vehicle break down,
    at sharp curves on highways etc

  • Fully charged battery keeps it blinking for three
    consecutive days

Safety Light Bar

  • Safety light bar has been designed with electronic
    chip, equipped with rechargeable battery

  • Four way micro switch is used for flashing red, green &
    White light. The body of light bar is made of
    polycarbonate material

  • Florescent cast Vinyl film is used inside the bar to emit
    highly visible signals. Lenth : 320mm

  • Optional : Available Two Battery cells Light Bar

Reflected Jackets

SLT RJ-2001

  • Chain Type

SLT RJ-2002

  • 3 Side Open

SLT RJ-2003

  • Pocket Type

SLT RJ-2004

  • 2" Cross Belt

SLT RJ-2005

  • 2" Jackets

SLT RJ-2006

  • 1" Jackets



  • Delineators

DA952 GP

  • Delineators


  • Reflectors


  • Median Marker


  • Flap Delineators

DA 952 (SB)

  • Safety Bollard

Other Road Safety Products

Reflected Tap

Floor Marking Board)

Q Manager

Wheel Clamp

Mirror Trolly

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